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What is Short Video animation?

By creating content marketing materials in the form of articles, blog entries and other content published by external publishers, we often enrich them with static graphics. Short video is a perfect complement to the content as an animated “additional content”. Thanks to the flexibility of the form, which is animation, it allows you to present the essence of the message in the form of a short video, which we can give any style consistent with brand identification.

Short video is a format designed to support content marketing, published together with content is ideal especially for mobile devices.


Common uses of a Short Video animation:

  • Sponsored articles  – as a additional content,
  • Content published on blogs (posts) – as a additional promotional material,
  • News of the company website – as an effective summary.

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The comprehensive creation of Short Video animation is on average about 1.000 – 2.000 EUR.

It is worth noting that, ultimately, the cost of creation depends not only on the animation itself, but consists of several factors:

  • animation lenght,
  • complexity of animation (2D or 3D animation, mix of both),
  • fields of exploitation and duration of copyrights,
  • choice of music and voiceover.

The most common short video animation lenghts are:

  • 30 seconds,
  • 60 seconds,
  • 100 seconds,
  • 120 seconds (2 minutes).

Studio needs some basic information in the form of a brief to start work on a project. Therefore, before trying to evaluate the costs of creation, it is worth informing about:

  • product/service/brand and target group,
  • planned fields of exploitation,
  • expected spot lenght or indication for studio recomendation,
  • any scenario outlines or indication of the need for its preparation,
  • any expectations egarding the style or theme of animation,
  • any other important preferences.

Fields of exploitation are places of advertisement emission. There are 8 basic fields for video ads:

  • television (national/regional),
  • internet TV
  • screens
  • advertising in theaters
  • internet advertising (paid form i.e. preroll),
  • internet (video for website, social media channel, etc.),
  • internal use (trade fairs, internal presentations, conferences, etc.).

To order creation of animation, contact us to determine the estimated costs. If you have a brief about animation, please send it with your question.

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