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What is Motion Design?

Simply put, this is the design of the animation, not only its graphic layer but also the style and manner of setting graphics in motion. It can take various different forms and styles, such as stop motion animation, 2.5D animation, 3D animation or vector animation.

Motion Design combines the individual theme of graphics and information with precisely planned animation, making it an ideal form for making presentations, showcasing infographics in a multimedia version or complex storytelling experience.


Motion Design - dobre animacje

Chosing the Motion Design:

  • You will strengthen brand awareness, thanks to the coherent animation style, colors and application of your company logo.
  • You will present interesting to convey informations in a unique way, eg. in the form of a video presentation or animated infographic.
  • You will save time thanks to the concise form and way of providing information. 
  • You will provide the most important information in a quick and easy to understand way.

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The comprehensive creation of Motion Design is on average about 1.000 – 3.000 EUR.

It is worth noting that, ultimately, the cost of creation depends not only on the animation itself, but consists of several factors:

  • animation lenght,
  • complexity of animation (2D or 3D animation, mix of both),
  • fields of exploitation and duration of copyrights,
  • choice of music and voiceover.

In every case of Motion Design, the lenght of the animation is set individually.

Studio needs some basic information in the form of a brief to start work on a project. Therefore, before trying to evaluate the costs of creation, it is worth informing about:

  • product/service/brand and target group,
  • planned fields of exploitation,
  • expected spot lenght or indication for studio recomendation,
  • any scenario outlines or indication of the need for its preparation,
  • any expectations egarding the style or theme of animation,
  • any other important preferences.

Fields of exploitation are places of advertisement emission. There are 8 basic fields for video ads:

  • television (national/regional),
  • internet TV
  • screens
  • advertising in theaters
  • internet advertising (paid form i.e. preroll),
  • internet (video for website, social media channel, etc.),
  • internal use (trade fairs, internal presentations, conferences, etc.).

To order creation of animation, contact us to determine the estimated costs. If you have a brief about animation, please send it with your question.

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